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This, is what we do!

E.B.'s 6th Anniversary:
Friday, April 9th, 2010
@ DNA Lounge (375 11th st. @ Harrisson)
9:30pm - 4:30am
21+ w/ID

Cost: $20 (for those not on the list).
FREE! until 1130pm (& only $10 after),
for the 500+ who sign up below. (Guestlist is FULL)

Fine Cut Bodies - Budapest
(Chi Recordings/Biscuit Reality/Record Records/Moving Target/FineCutBodies.com)

It's been much too long since the last time we had Kevin out for our "In the Red" show with Flaming Lutus Girls a few years ago, & we figured it was high time he came back. And since he's been such a consistent presence @ E.B. events over the last 5 years, having him perform @ our 6th Anniversary seemed only natural. Hopefully you all know & love Fine Cut Bodies as much as we do, but if you don't know, you should definitely come find out why, @ this exclusive North America performance.

Left/Right - Dallas, TX
(Sound of Habib/Ego Shot/Scarcity/Dusted Breaks)

Listen to the set recorded live @ Fabric, - Breakspoll 2010.

Chris Lund aka Left/Right (formerly with Justin Russell) has spent over a decade working from Dallas as a dj, producer, and teacher... and even longer as a musician. His music has garnered stellar reviews from Rolling Stone, BT, Crystal Method, and Computer Club as well as charted in the top 10 at Beatport, DjDownload, Juno, TrackItDown, and HypeM.

With degrees in both music composition and audio engineering, Chris loves to create music. His exciting singles, innovative remixes, and pumping dj mixes are consistently released on notable labels as Sound Of Habib, Ego Shot, Scarcity, and Dusted Breaks among others. L/R is regularly booked throughout the US and internationally to move dancefloors with his signature breaks, electro, and driving indie sound. Listen for a prolific output of releases and broadcasts worldwide, and look for a Left/Right appearance near you!

"Santogold somehow gets sleeker and shinier in this high-tech remix, proof that sometimes even polish can benefit from a little more polish." - Rolling Stone
"Superb lurching bassline like a dinosaur about to hurl, and natty dubstep sensibilities." - DJ Mag
"Titties man track sounds RAD!!! ...track sounds bomb!" - BT (Brian Transeau)
"Really like the Left Right Remix. Rightfully nasty bit of breakbeat madness!" - Crystal Method (Scott Kirkland)

Carbon Community - Dallas, TX
(Sober Music/Record Records/Moonshine)

The prodigal son returns.....

Dave Cannon hasn't played for us in quite a long time, & we've definitely missed him, & his music. So, help us welcome back E.B.'s one & only out of town resident, to San Francisco.

Also in the Main Room:
Aaron Jae (E.B./Space Cowboys/C.O.N.)
M.O.D. (E.B./Strategik)
Andy W (FnF/Cloud Factory) - Special closing Ghetto-Tech set
Mo Corleone (Want It/Ambient Mafia)

Upstairs Mayhem:
Bam (E.B./Invibe)
Mozaic vs. Alia (Nexus/Glimmer of Dope)(Raindance)
Ernie Trevino vs. Bassben (Brass Tax/Space Cowboys)(Space Cowboys) - DnB
Cumulus (Glimmer of Dope) - DnB
Simple Greene (C.O.N./Strategik)


Main Room:
930-1030 - Mo Corleone
1030-1130 - M.O.D.
1130-1 - Fine Cut Bodies
1-2 - Carbon Community
2-3 - Left/Right
3-4 - Aaron Jae 4-430 Andy W

1030-1130 Simple Greene
1130-1230 Alia vs Mozaic
1230-130 - Bam
130-230 - Cumulus
230-330 - Ernie Trevino vs Bassben

Visuals by Viberation

Stage Display/Lighting by Aaron Jae

the EB6 500+ person list has filled up, & is now closed.
We are considering adding more, so sign up for the regular email list below, to get notification if we do.

We love you long time.

Check out a bunch of videos & pics from last years EB5.....

EB5: the E.B. Dream Team
Saturday, April 4th 2009

More Videos:
EB5 Video 1
EB5 Video 2
EB5 Video 3

Photos thanx to Kirill
Photos thanx to Mark Neubert
Photos thanx to Mark from MVGals.net
A bunch of pics have also been added to the EB Flickr group

2 Wrongs (Aaron Jae vs Mozaic) "Live @ B.O.C."

So those of you that have been in San Francisco around New Years have learned the Space Cowboys, "Breakfast of Champions" party, is the only place to be on New Years Day. The party starts @ 6am & goes until we cry "Uncle!".This is a recording of Mozaic & me playing together at BOC early in the day. Mozaic & I were playing together somewhere in the past, & we jokingly started talking about how 2 wrongs could sound so right. We'll let you decide if that's truly the case, as we need verification from an outside source, that we can indeed destroy the laws of nature on occassion......

2 Wrongs (Aaron Jae vs Mozaic) "Live @ B.O.C."- Download it Here!!

Everyone's been C.O.N.'ing you for years, & now it's our turn...... CollectiveOfNun.com

Live Mix from C.O.N.'s "Renegade Renegade 2"

Here's a live 1 hour 45 minute mix from C.O.N. dj's Aaron Jae & Simple Greene, that was recorded @ the last minute C.O.N. renegade of the Brass Tax Halloween renegade, after it was busted for the 2nd time.....F.U.N.

Aaron Jae vs. Simple Greene live @ C.O.N.'s "Renegade Renegade 2" - Download it Here!!

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